Today, I’m releasing the final major update to the Open Legend Core Rules. This update has two aims: to make Open Legend core more multi-genre friendly and to reward deeper character development and plot weaving for player characters.

To these ends, we’ve combined the Illusion and Enchantment attributes into a single attribute called Influence, renamed Divination to Prescience, and renamed Abjuration to Protection.

We’ve also added a step to the character creation process where you select “Perks & Flaws“. Racial abilities can now be selected from among these perks (or flaws). You can choose to ignore your race and define your perks and flaws in a way that focuses more on your character’s backstory.

Lastly, we’ve added an XP system that allows players to benefit from character advancement before achieving a new level. Each character level requires 3 XP (experience points), when you earn the first and second XP points for each level, you can spend those to purchase feats and attributes even before achieving a complete level up. This will help characters who plan to purchase lower-cost feats to gain access to them sooner and help distinguish their lower cost feat purchases by gaining access to them a session or two earlier than the more expensive 3 point feat purchases.

About The Author

Brian is a lifelong tabletop RPG gamer & GM, as well as an engineer, programmer, designer, creative director, and publisher. Being self-taught with no college degree, the things he finds best in life are creating, building, and learning. While he enjoys all of his various projects, gaming has been closest to his heart from childhood and so, it seems in some sense inevitable that he would eventually write his own game system (Open Legend RPG).

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