IMPORTANT: Submissions are now closed for this open call. Thank you so much to everyone who has responded with such enthusiasm!

At Open Legend, we’re looking for dedicated –maybe even obsessive– writers. At the risk of stating the obvious, we want daring and effective prose first and foremost. It’s not just about telling a good story, it’s how you tell it. It’s not enough to deliver memorable characters, grand settings, and stirring plots. The writing itself must be focused and sharp. Our writers must value style, grammar, syntax, and diction as much as dialogue and action. Our writers must know when to cut a sentence down and when to expand an image with meaningful details. We’re looking for folks who agonize over every word.

On our team, you’ll develop and shape the future of Open Legend. You’ll have a direct say in everything you write. We’re looking for writers who want to innovate and experiment. We respect and admire that inspiration doesn’t adhere to bullet points. Entire concepts and characters will be condensed, altered, and sometimes cut to better serve the worlds we’re building. We expect our writers to take initiative, make bold choices, and not be afraid of failure. We’ll challenge each other, but always with support and an earnest desire to grow as writers.

If you’d like to join our team at Open Legend please refer to the guidelines below. Be aware that Open Legend is a multi-genre rule set and that the submissions required don’t necessarily reflect the genres you’ll be expected to develop. Our rate for this role starts at $.06 a word.

Please include your name and contact information in your email with your submission pieces attached as documents. Don’t worry about the formatting, but please remove any identifying information from these pieces so that we can judge each on their merits alone.


  • Please submit an original (not related to any Open Legend IP) short campaign setting piece (1,000 words maximum) written in Open Legend’s tone and style.


  • Please submit one short narrative prose piece (1,000 words maximum) using the characters from The Skulking Huntress  as a reference and basis.


Your submission must solely represent you as the author. If you submit, you agree that Open Legend and its agents have the right to read your material for the purpose of evaluation and you acknowledge that Open Legend is under no obligation use, buy, or adapt your submission for any other use.

Additionally, if you submit, you acknowledge your piece may be similar in theme, plot, idea, format, or some other element that Open Legend has independently developed and owns the copyright to. Similar material will not entitle the author to compensation, whether this material was developed or acquired by Open Legend before or after submission.

Thanks for your interest and good luck!

About The Author

Narrative Director

Ryan rolled up a half-orc barbarian and his life forever changed. An avid gamer and writer, he loves everything with swords and robots. As the Narrative Director at Open Legend he drinks way too much coffee and stares at words until they start to move on their own.

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