Huge news today as I can gladly say that A Star Once Fallen is finally available for download.

A Star Once Fallen - Open Legend RPG Learn-by-play Adventure ModuleDownload “A Star Once Fallen – Open Legend RPG Intro Module”

Download Printer-Friendly “A Star Once Fallen – Open Legend RPG Intro Module”

I’m proud to finally say that the “long awaited learn-by-play” adventure module is, as of this moment, no longer awaited. There are still some minor improvements to be done, but it should have everything you need to run your first Open Legend RPG Campaign with your home group. Take it out for a test drive and let us know what you think. This adventure module is our “basic” intro and as such it will always be free.  Feel free to use the module hand-in-hand withe the full ruleset if your group is already familiar or excited about some of the expanded options. This module presents character creation from a simplified quick-start angle and helps people jump right into their first game with essentially zero time preparing.

Starfall Island Map - A Star Once Fallen Adventure - Open Legend RPGIt’s been a bit of a longer time getting to this point than I had initially hoped, but the good news is I now have a solid production pipeline in place for generating this kind of content in a fraction of the time that it would typically take if I were using a traditional InDesign workflow.

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