We feel really bad that the d12 didn’t make it into Open Legend, but the poor little guy just threw the probability curve off the charts. So to make it up to him, we offer this ongoing 1d12 series. In each installment, we offer 1d12 possibilities to inspire or spice up your gaming table.

Whether it’s the Drunken Swine, the Briney Sailor, or the Scholar’s Rest, every fantasy RPG needs a good tavern. The local watering hole is home base for the PCs to suck their wounds and tell their tales. And, of course, the tavern is a fertile plot for the GM to plant the seeds of adventure.

So next time your players go buying rounds of ale and boasting their deeds, grab your d12 and spread some rumors.

1. A Drink with a Mayor Problem

“The mayor’s been starting trouble down at the tavern on the other side of town. Been demanding free drink from old Mickey, he has. Says it’s his right on account of his station.”

2. Whispers from the Deep

“Me daughter went to fetch water from the well this morning at the crack o’ dawn, and she swears she heard whispers comin’ from down below. I knew that well was haunted, I did!”

3. A Worthy Adversary

“On my way into town, I was waylaid by the biggest half-orc you’ve ever seen. He says he was looking for a worthy adversary, but when he found out I was a lumberjack not a warrior, he let me go. Didn’t even take my coin purse.”

4. The Hills Alive

“I thought it was an earthquake, but it just went on and on and on. I was driving my cart through the Valley of Shade, and the hills just kept shaking up and down, like they were getting ready to bounce away.”

5. Which Brew?

“A new ale just went on tap here, but no one’s dared to drink it yet. It’s called Wanderer’s Surprise and the bartender can’t even remember when it came in or who sold it to him.”

6. The Cure is a Head

“Local apothecary says she needs a special flower to mix up a cure for the plague that’s been killing off the villagers. Thing is, the flower only grows on the heads of the pixies of the Slumber Wood.”

7. Begging the Question

“No one has seen Crazy Mac – the local beggar – for a week. He’s been camped out under the town clock for as long as anyone can remember always asking the same question: ‘Spare a coin to hear the time?’ But now he’s just disappeared.”

8. A Bard’s Tail

“That gentleman who’s about to play up on stage – he’s a rat, I tell you! I saw it with my very eyes last night. A tail stuck right out from under his trousers.”

9. The Horse Whispers

“About two weeks ago, I let some wandering ragamuffin sleep in the stables on account of being unable to afford a room. Ever since then, my stable boy’s been complainin’ of strange sounds in there. Like someone’s talking to him from the shadows.”

10. Junkyard George

“George, the town drunk, just declared himself king of the trash heap outside of town. Gave everyone a pretty good chuckle, until King George started demanding copper from folks wanting to dump their junk. What’s worse – junk dogs obey that drunkards commands and chase off them that won’t pay.”

11. Dragon, Princess, Kidnapping, Yawn

“Poor Simon says he was telling his daughter a bed time story about a beautiful princess who was kidnapped by a dragon. Next morning, his daughter was nowhere to be found and her room was littered with scales.”

12. Guard Town

“I don’t know what they mayor’s trying to defend us from, but the town guard has grown to twice its size in the past year. They’re everywhere.”

(Featured illustration courtesy of Stephen Najarian, you can follow him on Facebook or check out his blog)

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