We feel really bad that the d12 didn’t make it into Open Legend, but the poor little guy just threw the probability curve off the charts. So to make it up to him, we offer this ongoing 1d12 series. In each installment, we offer 1d12 possibilities to inspire or spice up your gaming table.

Sometimes, your dungeon just doesn’t turn out to be as exciting as you thought it would be.

Sometimes, you’ve exhausted your random encounter table or forgot to build one.

Sometimes, you just need to kill some time because the party is moving faster than you planned and you still haven’t sketched out the final scene.

For these situations and more, grab your d12 and shake up your dungeon a bit.

1) A Domination Trap
The half of the party with the lowest resolve/will save/etc. is dominated and attempts to kill the rest of the party. Let the dominated players control their own characters.

2) A Magic Deck of Cards
Each character can draw up to three cards. Black cards are bad, red cards are good. The higher the number, the greater the effect. Aces high. Clubs and diamonds represent wealth. Hearts and spades represent health. Use your imagination.

3) A Trapped Demon
He promises the party riches or power if they release him.

4) A Slaughter Room
Complete with bones and entrails. When the party is deep into the room, the remains begin to form into undead monstrosities. The process takes 1d4+2 rounds.

5) Divide & Conquer
A pit trap, cave in, etc. divides the party and both groups are ambushed by wandering monsters.

6) An Underground Pool
Glittering with gold at the bottom. The pool looks exactly like water, but it is actually comprised of an acid that dissolves flesh.

7) Gone Missing
The rest of the party suddenly realizes that the back member of the marching order is missing.

8) Garbage Dump
A collapsing wall dumps the party into the dungeon waste heap, and the waste keeper isn’t happy.

9) Untamed Equipment
The party’s weapons animate and begin attacking their owners.

10) What’s That Smell?
The party passes a door from which the welcoming scent of a grand feast wafts forth.

11) Turn Coat or Double Agent?
The dungeon boss’s lackey shows up and claims to have turned sides. He offers the party a secret hint or passage. Truth or a trick? You decide.

12) Roll Them Bones
Two Magic dice carved of bone. If they roll off, that many gold pieces appear. If they roll even, that many skeletons appear and attack. After the dice have created 1000 gold, they teleport across the world.

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