Sometimes it’s not enough just to throw a bunch of characters together and say “Go on, be an adventuring party”, sometimes it’s better to give them some joint background connections. This is especially true of one shot adventures, where the characters don’t have as much of an opportunity to bond.

So once again we give our poor lost friend the d12 a chance to shine, with these 1d12 player character connection prompts. Some of them may require collaborative work between players, and it should be noted that the negative connections are there to allow character development, not as an excuse to attack other PCs.


1) Related

You are somehow related to one of the other PCs although perhaps only distantly, and perhaps not even by blood. Due to this connection, you feel like you ought to help look out for them. You certainly know of the connection, but the other character may not.

2)  Debt of Honor

One of the other PCs has in the past helped you or your family in some way. As such you feel you have debt of honor towards the PC that you must fulfill. The other character may or may not be aware that you feel you owe them this debt.

3) Idol Worship

You have admired one of the PCs from afar for some time, not in a romantic sense, but in that they are a hero of yours. You want to travel with them in the hope of showing them you can be as great an adventurer as they are.

4) Love

You are in love with either another PC or a sibling of the PC. As such you will either go out of your way to protect them out of your love for them, or out of a duty to save your beloved from heartache.

5) Protector

You once helped another PC out in a situation where they were in trouble, since then you feel like they need you around to keep them safe. This doesn’t mean you will be reckless to protect them, however.

6) Recruited

One of the other PCs saw your abilities and they asked you to join the party due to the promise of adventure and the recognition of your abilities.

7) Favor

You are helping one of the other PCs, or perhaps the party as a whole out a favor to someone else. Perhaps a relative of the PCs, or someone else with a vested interest in their success.

8) Suspicious

Some action of one of the PCs seemed suspicious to you, to the point where you decided to join the group to ensure that nothing nefarious was going on. If they are up to no good, you are in a good place to stop them, otherwise you’re just helping out the good guys.

9) Caught Stealing

You attempted to take something from one of PCs, but they caught you and recognizing your skills, they gave you choice: help them out, or they’d turn you in. What did you have to lose? After all, you might be able to obtain even more this way.

10) They Owe You

You believe, rightly or wrongly, that another PC owes you a debt either of money or honor. As such you don’t want to let them out of your sight until the debt has been repaid in some way.

11) Envy

You are envious of another PC or their family. You believe that their power or respect has not been earned, so you have set out to join with them in the hope of showing them up.

12) Dark Secret

One of the other PCs knows, or you suspect they know, a dark secret about your past. You have chose to follow them to find out what they know, and to ensure they don’t tell anyone else…


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